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The scabbard protects the sharpness
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ТЕМА: The scabbard protects the sharpness
The scabbard protects the sharpness 7 Месеци, 1 седмица Карма: 0  
The scabbard protects the sharpness of the knife, and he himself is satisfied with his dullness.he fourth grade, nine years old, is the time when vanity, selfishness, and rebellion have just emerged. That is, my home school is very far away, and I have to get up at 6:30 every morning. Every time I wake up, my mother wakes me up Carton Of Newports. This day, as always. half past six, the gentle voice of my mother rang in my room: ����get up! ����I was pushed by my mother, pushed away impatiently, and her hand yelled and shouted: ����I know, I��m bored, oh, you��re annoying.�� ����I saw the mother��s hand shrinking back.��alf-squinted Marlboro Menthol 100S, holding my head in my hand, waiting for my mother to send a fragrant breakfast to me. Mother placed the fresh breakfast neatly on the table. While chewing this bread, I kept on my mother: "You don't call me so early, don't let me wait for breakfast, don't..." 'Mother's eyes are full of kindness, listeners, my complaints, more It is also accepted. The mother nodded and thought of a child who was admitting the wrong. was time to go out, and the mist in the sky gradually receded, revealing a pale blue sky. I am ready to step out of the house. The mother waved her hand at the door and kept on keeping me with some safety issues. No, a boy saw me and my mother: my mother's hair was messy and she was wearing pajamas. The boy �������ꡯ�� burst into laughter. This hearty laughter is very difficult for me. The atmosphere is very embarrassing. The reddish red glow has unknowingly caught my cheek. I rushed forward, leaving a stiffened mother and a laughing boy!roughout the day, the clouds covered my face, and my heart was more like a big stone stuck. After school, I rushed directly to the bedroom in my home. When I was eating, my mother��s action for me was like a fire index that exploded my time bomb. I yelled at her: ����You say you, what��s wrong! You don't look at how bad your taste is! ����The mother was there, as if to say something. Reason has been thrown into the clouds by me, and it is sorrowful, unfilial, and ignorant.locked the door, fell everything, and vented my dissatisfaction! There was a sobbing sound outside the door Cigarettes For Sale. This incident is like a big stone stuck between me and my mother. I have been in cold war with my mother for a long time. Even though I know that my mother has apologized to me many times, I have repeatedly refused. I feel that I am right because I don��t know what to do. Finally one dayl a cold war with my mother, I am preparing to go to school. The sky is like a dark sapphire that is very smooth Marlboro Red 100S, and a satin that is very delicate. I inadvertently found that the mother hiding in the kitchen was looking at me, the look of the eyes, the mother ducked my eyes. I found a clear annual ring on my mother's forehead! This is Carton Of Marlboro Reds, ignorant, I suddenly realized. My mother's eyes like deep waters melted into the glaciers in my heart like hot boiling water. I am so selfish
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