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Throwing, losing your hand..
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ТЕМА: Throwing, losing your hand..
Throwing, losing your hand.. 2 Месеци, 2 Седмици Карма: 0  
Throwing, losing your hand..." A cheerful and lively nursery rhyme evokes my countless precious childhood memories Marlboro Cigarettes Online, and the time seems to be reversed, and the past is constantly precipitating. recalled that when I took my father��s hand and entered the door of elementary school for the first time, that kind of joy. The first time I put on the bright red scarf, I solemnly raised my right hand at the flag-raising ceremony, the pride and pride. Sitting in the classroom for the first time, listening to the teacher��s teachings, the kind of expectation.still remember that last year's language final exam only took more than 80. When I received the results, I couldn't believe it. This is the result I got, it's too bad! For the first time, I felt that there was a bitter taste that haunted my heart. Did I work hard this semester? I do not believe! From that day on, I secretly vowed in my heart that I must test it next time! This is a bitter and sour memory!course, I also remembered that I had stolen the peppers of my neighbor��s neighbors with my sister. That taste Marlboro Red 100S, I will never forget it in my life - there is a feeling of burning eyebrows. This is the only spicy and embarrassing memory Marlboro Lights. However Cigarettes For Sale, the joy of the face and the sister pointing at each other's hot red face will never be forgotten. Childhood can be really a five-flavored can in memory Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. The jar is filled with my sweet and sour taste. Whenever I think of these memories, there is always a feeling that I can't tell. At that time, I often imagined that I could grow up as soon as possible, but now I just want to hold the five-flavored cans and taste them. I hope that time can go back or stay, but this is definitely not possible. Therefore, only cherish the present.Thank you for the ups and downs that you brought me. I will grow up one day. I only hope that the time will be slow, and my memories will be full, and I will go further and further.
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