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My home is a warm place
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ТЕМА: My home is a warm place
My home is a warm place 2 Месеци, 2 Седмици Карма: 0  
My home is a warm place, a place worth relying on, a place where I can live safely; my home, though ordinary, carries my dreams and carries my hopes; my home, It is the place where I dreamed. No matter where I am in the future, I will never give up on it!remember when I was very young, my grandparents often told me: "Dad is a boat, mother is a sail, carrying a baby, forming a happy family, taking me into a sweet dream." So, I loved me deeply. Family. love my home because I have a happy and warm home. Although I can't see my father and mother every day, every time I go to school, my grandparents will put delicious meals on the table. Whenever I have difficulties in learning, my grandparents always patiently serve me. Explain; every time I get sick, my grandparents are always inseparable... All this makes me feel that my home is full of sunshine and warm. home, a place where I can live safely. Whenever I encounter difficulties, my grandparents always come up with ideas for me; whenever I am wronged, my grandparents are solving problems for me; whenever I am not happy How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, my grandparents are willing to Listening to my heart; whenever my grades are not satisfactory Marlboro Red, my grandparents send me encouragement and support. All this, let me know how to face life, let me know that life will not be smooth sailing, know how to face the challenges and tests of life. home, a normal and happy home. Holiday grandparents are afraid that I am lonely, as long as I have time, I will always take me out to play, let me feel the great rivers and mountains of the motherland; I like to talk to my grandparents about some things happening around me Carton Of Newports, grandparents will always seriously Listen and share happiness with me; I have achieved good results Newport Cigarettes Website, grandparents always congratulate and encourage me. All of this makes me feel that my home is always full of laughter and laughter, full of happy atmosphere. home is the cradle of my growth, the place to dream. I was born in an ordinary family. When I was nine months old, my father and mother were handed over to my grandparents. I have a kind and kind grandmother. I have learned the truth and goodness under her care. Beauty, let me see all people and things with a beautiful heart; my grandfather is a teacher, he is very strict with me, he has no kindness and tenderness, and under his strict education, I Going better on the road of growth, I learned to be strong and face the difficulties! home, maybe it can't give me a rich material life, but it can always keep me from the wind and warm my heart.home is the main activity place of my childhood, it is full of my wonderful memories. When I was a child, I loved to play with my grandparents. I sat on Grandpa��s shoulder and let Grandpa take me to the mall. At that time, I held my grandfather��s hand and felt so big and warm. As if this hand can hold everything for me, as long as I hold it, I am not afraid wherever I go. I usually love to listen to my grandmother telling stories. I am lying in my grandmother��s arms, listening to that paragraph is bizarre but not lost. The wonderful classic story always makes people enter the sweet dreams unconsciously. At that time, I thought that my grandmother was too great Wholesale Cigarettes. Knowing so many stories has become a hero in my heart. school, learning has become the mainstream of my life. The test scores are outstanding. When I return home, my grandparents are as close as they are. When I lose the exam, I will cry when I arrive at home. My grandparents will talk to me and say, "I don��t have a good test." Don't give up when you fall." But I know that they are actually more anxious than me, but grandparents are used to hiding their emotions in their hearts. When I encountered a problem, Grandpa helped me find information, check the computer, and soon I will have a complete answer to me.
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