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the old people will tell the story of Qu
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ТЕМА: the old people will tell the story of Qu
the old people will tell the story of Qu 2 Седмици, 2 Дни Карма: 0  
the old people will tell the story of Qu Yuan with deep affection: Bao Zizi, dragon boat, and his own way to remember the patriotic poet Qu Yuan.oday, I came to the banks of the Miluo River, listening to the shouts of the gongs and drums Marlboro Gold Pack, smelling the scented scorpion, holding the wormwood in hand, I could not help but tears, I seem to see Qu Yuan, his hair is standing with his hair On the riverside, he stared at the eastward river, thinking about the thousands of Wen of the Chu State, looking at the turbulent Jiangshan people, the incompetence of the Chu King, the corruption of the court, and the mediocrity of the Chu State, which made him sad. The repeated advice failed to sound the alarm for the king of Chu, but there was no way to report to the motherland. He hated the eyes of God, and all the fears piled up in his heart, and eventually disappeared with the rolling river Marlboro Red 100S. The setting sun dyed the world into a bloody color Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, as if sighing for Qu Yuan��s death. Yes, although Qu Yuan died, his patriotism deeply touched every generation. In today's Chongyang, I want to remember him, his patriotism will always exist in people's hearts.om, your love for me is a drop of moisturizing dewdrops. It is a refreshing and pleasant spring breeze. It is a string of notes that excites the heartstrings. It is a verse that touches life again and again. : My three or eight thanks. It is full of love, conveys the true feelings, exudes the beauty of the fragrance... This kind of love does not require gorgeous things to embellish, just a glass of water Newport 100S, a greeting, it is enough. You are a ray of sunshine, warming my heart; you are a spring breeze, soothing my wounded heart; you are a guiding light that illuminates the path of my life.ou are not only the gas station of love, but also the source of my confidence and courage! remember once, my high fever people were burnt, and the net was nonsense. You were anxious like an ant on a hot pot, frowning, and the sweat on his face kept falling. I saw it, tears like a broken line of beads slamming down. You keep feeding me and taking my body temperature. I didn't close my eyes overnight Marlboro Cigarettes Price. By the next morning, you saw me better, and bought the cakes, hawthorn slices, rice crackers and other foods I like from the street, and asked me about the cold, until I was sick, you were relieved. But I obviously have to see your eyes sink into it. When it comes to your holiday, I just send you a greeting card. You are excited and tearful. As the saying goes: The grace of dripping water is reported by the spring, not to mention that this is not the grace of dripping! Your love that is higher than the mountains and deeper than the sea is the wealth that I have enjoyed in my life!
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