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Today is the "March 8" Women's
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ТЕМА: Today is the "March 8" Women's
Today is the "March 8" Women's 2 Седмици, 2 Дни Карма: 0  
Today is the "March 8" Women's Day, I think, what to send? Of course, the best gift my mother wants is to hope that I will study hard and will be useful to the country in the future. But my mother is so hard, I have to do a lot of things in one day without a break. I think my mother must be very tired to come back and clean the room. Oh, it��s better to clean it. So I learned how my mother looks, put the items neatly, sort the books and put them on the bookshelf, make the bed; then sweep the floor, wipe the table; finally drag the floor to 100 boards. After my careful cleaning, my home has become neat and bright.
other! When you are sad, you are comforting; when you are depressed, you are hope; when you are weak, you are power, you are the source of compassion, compassion, love, tolerance.t was the mother who gave me warmth, gave me my affection, gave me life, and gave me the whole world. As the years passed, and time passed, I finally understood that there was no mother's spurs, and there would be my excellent studies; no mother's encouragement again and again, and how can I rise and fight again and again. My growth is at the expense of your aging.I finally finished the test. I hope that the summer vacation that I hoped for will come with the song of knowing. Haha, my poet Yan Dao said a poem casually. It is not simple.Only after dinner, "������" a strong knock on the door into my ear, who? I will look over the door and look at the door that is about to collapse. "Hey! Yan Yanyao, open the door! Yan Yanyao!" Ha! It turned out to be Xu Xiaoran. I felt a sense of uneasiness in my heart and felt the harbinger of the storm coming... At this time, I really want to say "Sorry, let you suffer" with the door~" I made two steps in two steps Parliament Cigarettes. Step, hurry to open the door, I want her to quickly end this sport that harms others Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping.Xu Xiaoran, don't you know that there is a doorbell on my door? You knocked on it like this, not only to quarrel with others Wholesale Cigarettes," I said, and touched the door of my house, and made a pity. "I also let my lovely door be affected." "Fearing." "Yan Yuyao, you are less envious, let me go in, I have to do something urgent!" Oh~ It turns out that Xu Haoran is going to the bathroom Newport Cigarettes Website, hey, I am not as good as you wish, who told you to scare my door Oh Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, hey! "What an urgent matter, so anxious," I saw Xu Xiaoran want to harden into it. I blocked her and "talked to me." "Yan Yuyao! You shouldn't understand this! Come on, let me in!" If it weren't for my nosy mom, I would like to tease her again. "Come in!" Xu Haoran immediately followed a hungry tiger to eat the general speed, even the shoes have no time to change, went straight to my home WC. See you next time dare to abuse my house!all, it��s much more cool!" Xu Xiaoran just came out, I left the slippers in front of her. "Hurry and change shoes!"iaoran said, "You don't need to change shoes. Let's go out and play! Go find other members of our 'Juice Women's League'!" "GO!" I said without hesitation.
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