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Our family has
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been planning to open up a small piece of wasteland in the backyard, and then plant a large piece of flowers, let the beauty spread throughout the small courtyard, so that everyone can enjoy the joy of turning the wasteland into a garden. This is a joy. Very beautiful dream, very beautiful, this beautiful dream, we have been doing it for many years. When we think of it, everyone will be surrounded and excited about it for a long time. It seems that the flower is in front of you, so brilliant, so colorful... calm After coming down, everyone was busy with their own affairs and no one mentioned it. We have never acted, of course, never succeeded. That beautiful cockroach is always a dream, a beautiful dream... The splendid flower can only be quietly opened in my heart, quietly opening in my dreams. The neighbors moved away and moved to a new one. In the evening, the new owner rushed to the ground and said that he would change the backyard into a small garden. Our family laughed at the same time and laughed at him. It turns out that not only are we dreaming like this. Hey, dreams, dreams, who can't do beautiful dreams? However, after waking up, I had to face the cruelty of reality Parliament Cigarettes. In the evening, there was a sound of metal bumps in the backyard. Our family looked out of the kitchen window and all stayed: the male owner took his old man and dug in the backyard! The man digs on the shovel Marlboro Cigarettes, his wife smashes the stone with a shovel, and their children pick up the broken bricks next to them, and the 70-year-old grandmother picks up the debris while licking her waist. . I went up and asked the male master: "Are you going to succeed?" The male master smiled at me and said with deep meaning: "Success begins with action Cigarettes Online. As long as we act, we will be able to change the small courtyard. Into the most beautiful garden!" I am silent, contemplative. In two days, the land was dug, and they planted, fertilized, and watered with joy. At this time, I couldn??t sit still anymore, and I also helped with the flowers I had prepared many years ago. Mother, busy with the bucket to drench water before the water, the crystal drops of water spilled down, infiltrated into the soil, suddenly disappeared. In the backyard, everyone acted and was busy. In the coming year, the grass grows in the spring. In the backyard, a beautiful flower was opened, colorful and splendid colors flowed in the backyard. The rich floral fragrance was in the hearts of all people. The beauty spread like that in the spring, the year I opened for the action. The film was drunk and my heart was brilliant. The phrase "success begins with action" by the neighbor's male owner is also deeply imprinted in my heart.
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