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I started playing RuneScape
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ТЕМА: I started playing RuneScape
I started playing RuneScape 1 месец Карма: 0  
Shree Sairam said: "I found RuneScape gold fun and addicting, but I saw some people over RuneScape that were way stronger than me, like level 68 or level 70... And that I want 74 Smithing since I can then start making full mineral to acquire 6k per set then buy a"Santa Hat" (93million)." Helm Larder said: "you want Santafishy's stats! Noise!

No, no, no, no... Shree Sairam, the advice I will provide is: if you enjoy playing Runescape, then perform. But don't worry about other people's levels (those with battle level 68 or 70, or individuals who have X ability levels). Jagex (the makers of Runescape) can make people play more in three main ways: advertisements (whether purchased advertisements, or free word marketing ), which makes new game content that makes the Runescape world of Gielinor more intriguing to perform, or cheap gimmicks (like (1) coloring people's battle levels depending on whether their combat level is greater or lower than yours or (2) creation of their Highscores table"Watch your friends' stats!").

For those manufacturers of Runescape, they need people to perform more Runescape, it's how they as a company make their money. The first means to get folks to perform more, advertisements, prices money. But if that advertising attracts people to play more, then it's advertising money well spent. However, Jagex can not devote all its money to advertising. The next approach to RS gold get people to perform more, releasing new content, is a tough task.
Smarthuiyuan (Потребител)
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Последна редакция: 29/12/2020 07:45 от Smarthuiyuan.
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