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FIFA 23 Hero Pack mistake results
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ТЕМА: FIFA 23 Hero Pack mistake results
FIFA 23 Hero Pack mistake results 1 година(и) Карма: 0  
FIFA 23 Hero Pack mistake results in EA clean millions coins off FIFA 23 Coins the market for virtual transfers In a FIFA 23 Hero Pack which was released incorrectly by EA has seen players have million of coins worth of in-game currency removed out of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

The package, available from 6 PM BST the night before, provided players the option of trading a FUT Hero item in FIFA 23, some of which could be worth millions of coins and up to 25,000 coins.

Although EA corrected the mistake around 25 minutes after releasing the pack, it did not prevent millions of coins worth of value from disappearing off FIFA Ultimate Team when players have sold the FUT Hero items in a state of panic due the huge influx of supply.

FUT Hero items are rare players than can be found in certain packs in Ultimate Team. FUT Hero cards are given to players who have had a significant impact on an organisation or have become popular like an ex Manchester United midfielder Park Ji-Sung.

Due to their incredibly rare nature, they can be extremely expensive in FIFA 23 Ultimate's market for virtual transfers, with some such as cheapest FUT 23 Coins Yaya Toure being sold to 1.9 million FIFA coins, which a prominent third-party selling website estimates at less than PS400.
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